Our Vision

PrimeTime Flyball's mission is to spread the love of this great sport. All it takes is a healthy pup and a competitive spirit.

Our Story

Rising from the ashes of a former team, we forged PrimeTime Flyball as a fierce competition team, but even more so, we've created a family that knows how to win yet still have a blast every step of the way.

Meet the Team Family

Love of the sport and great camaraderie are recipes for a great time and endless memories and forever at the heart of the PrimeTime family.



Team Mom

Why do I love PrimeTime Flyball? I just want to play flyball with my dogs and ignore all my adult problems.



The Peacemaker

I love racing with  Prime Time Flyball because my dog does all the running, not me. Unless I'm being chased.



The Sleeper

What Kerri said, b/c she is always right and even when she's wrong, she's still right.



Lil Miss Organized

My quote is so awesome that it's taking me forever to get it in. I hope you're hanging on the edge of your seat!



The Goofball

Why do I love PrimeTime Flyball? The Surgeon General gives no warnings about our dogs SMOKIN your teams ass.



The Hyper One

I love racing with PrimeTime Flyball because it's Legitimately Awesome!

Wanna Join Us ...

As long as you have a healthy fur baby, size, age, shape, or breed doesn't matter. Reach out to us and one of our team members would love to give you more information.